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Smoothies for Skin

Quick, simple & tasty smoothie recipes to help you hydrate from within for glowing skin.

Skin Care Advice

Tips, tools, tutorials for building a skincare routine you will stick with to get glowing skin your desire.

Virtual Consultations

Find the best products for your skin & body needs during a 30 minute complimentary session.

Home Based Biz Ideas

How to start a home based business. Tools to keeping you organized and productive.

Affirm Your Day

Affirmations to help you stay focused, maintain momentum and maximize your time.

Author, Speaker & Beauty Boss

Hey There! It’s Bri Callis, Wife, Mom, Beauty Boss and the wearer of many other hats (you know you can relate). Maybe you stopped by for the latest and greatest in makeup, skincare, fashion, jewelry or a gift for your loved one. With over 6000 products I’m sure you’ll find the perfect item.

It's About Time You Affirmed Your Day!

An easy-to-digest guide to setting your mind and day into action.

Affirmations are great to be practiced together with self-affirming exercises. While affirmations are single sentences, which we repetitively say to ourselves, self-affirming practices are reflective practice through which we can get to know our values and ourselves. 

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