Avon Campaign 17 2020 is Available Now

Dear Avon fans, have you heard the news? Soft is the new sexy! Skin that is irresistibly soft and smooth is new hottest trend that will follow you during the whole season! Avon’s already well known collection for body care Skin So Soft is here now to make your skin even more beautiful and softer than ever.

Open the catalog, and enjoy in so many novelties Avon has to offer, and complete your fabulous style this summer!

Do you have a problem with dry skin during the summer season? If you do, then open the page 8 and try Avon’s best solution for this irritating problem: Moisture Therapy collection! With regular use these creams and lotions will hydrate your skin, and nourish it. Even if you have extra dry skin, Moisture Therapy can help, and you’ll forget the dryness forever! 

Avon Moisture Therapy Collection

Stay in the glow! On page 70 Anew has products with Vitamin C to include: exfoliating creams, vitamin C serums for healthy glow of your skin, moisturizing creams for prevention of first signs of aging. All Avon products for skin care are completely safe and dermatologically tested.  Use them weekly, and see the results for yourself, you’ll enjoy in your shiny and healthy skin!

Avon Anew Vitamin C

All of us have some special places where we put our favorite perfumes, or we like to have some special scent on different occasions. From page 109 you can fragrances from alluring eau de parfums to spirited colognes, fresh florals to sensual woods! Whether it’s the new Lyrd, Haiku, Far Away Amalfi, Prima Noir– Avon has managed to produce fragrances that you love! You’ll be thrilled to see the prices, so use the opportunity to make your own ritual with one of Avon’s best perfumes! 

Jewelry is also a trend this season, and you can choose pieces that Avon has for you! The new Western Wind Collection found on page 135 has necklaces, bracelets, rings with stones that will add a note of summer to any outfit!

Western Wind Collection

Feel the magic of oils this summer! Try new products for silky skin that simply calls for touch! Shower gels, body lotions, body oils – all of the products from Skin So Soft will make your skin unbelievably smooth, and you’ll look great every day, and feel great every day! There’s no better way to hydrate your skin but to apply oil, and not just any oil, but Skin So Soft Avon collection of oils that smell wonderfully! Open the page 184-187, and see the ancient beauty secret which is now infused in Avon’s body showers, and your skin will be soft, nourished, beautiful, radiant! Scents are fantastic and it will last all day: jojoba, argon, sunflower, macadamia… Stay nourished and refreshed!

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oils

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