6 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Jewelry

There’s nothing like wanting to wear your favorite piece of jewelry and it is damaged. On today’s video, we go over six mistakes you are making with your jewelry and how to avoid them.


Wearing your sentimental jewelry all the time. Use your best judgement when it comes to chores and duties to extend the life of your jewelry.

Showering or swimming in your jewelry. Water is another abrasive. Showering or swimming in chlorine or salt water may leave deposits.

Not storing your jewelry in the same place all the time. You may have a dedicated spot for keys, the same rule applies to your jewelry to avoid losing or damaging your jewels.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines. Avoid using on your soft stones (pearls, emeralds, opals), best used on gold jewelry.

Liquid jewelry cleaners. These are meant for short time use. Thirty seconds to two minutes only (be sure to follow manufacturers directions) to clean your jewelry is recommended.

Squeezing the jewelry to remove it. Be sure to grab the sides of the ring to avoid loosening or damaging the stones over time.

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