How to Pack Your Jewelry For Travel

If you plan on travelling and would like to pack some jewelry for your destination, on today’s video we are sharing six ways to organize your jewelry for travel.

There’s nothing like getting to your destination and jewels are lost or broken. Here are six options to help you keep those jewels in one place with out damage.

  1. A jewelry organizer. Look for one with snap hooks or zippers that will close so your jewels can remain separate and won’t get lost during travel.
  2. Straws. Use straws to string your delicate necklaces to avoid them from getting tangled.
  3. Buttons. They work well to put your earrings through the holes so they wont end up lost.
  4. Pill box. The pill box work well for storing rings and other small earrings.
  5. Sealable snack cups. These work well housing your statement necklaces and dangling earrings.
  6. Ziplock bags. This is a perfect alternative to storing smaller jewels or the buttons that are housing your small earrings.

I would love to know your number one take-away from today’s video? Share a comment below.

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