Set Yourself Up For Success With These 4 Time Management Tools

The same question is being asked over and over: where do I begin with managing my time? Any project should begin with having the proper tools. In today’s audio we share four time management tools to help you set yourself up for success.

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Time management requires having and using the proper tools. Time management boils down to the following four key areas: tasks, time, people & information. Here are four tools to help you maximize each on of the areas.

To-Do List. This is the back bone to any productivity system. It is the vision for your day.

How much time will you need to set aside for the goal? A calendar is a must. Whether you choose to use the traditional planner or digital

Who is this going to impact? Who are your contacts? Where is your address book? Keep it electronically (be sure to have it backed up) or in a tradition paper address book.

How am I going to serve the people impacted? Yes a notebook is necessary. Avoid the sticky notes for important details and the tear away pads. Opt in for a bounded notebook or journal.

Many individuals that are not proficient with managing their time are missing one of these four tools. Do you use tools for staying productive?

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