Avon Campaign 21 2020 Now Available

Makeup is the one special thing that women really enjoy every day, every way! Makeup is a ritual. Makeup is the best start of the day. In this brochure we introduce some of your favorite liquid eyeshadow in chic wearable shades also available in a matte sateen finish.

Avon Campaign 21 2020 Brochure

Take your look from subtle to alluring with the new matte sateen Glimmershadow to all the way glamour with sparkly lips and glittery lids. There’s a glimmer finish for every occassion on pages 4-9.

With Avon you can laugh away your laugh lines! That’s right, Anew Clinical will erase all those nasty lines around your lips that make you smile less. On page 78, Anew has Line Eraser with Retinol – a product that will take care of your beautiful smile! It’s recommended by dermatologists, and completely safe for your skin. And let’s not forget that retinol is the main ingredient when it comes to fighting wrinkles!

Autumn often means flaky skin when it comes to beauty. To avoid this problem, you need to use something to regularly exfoliate. Avon has Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel on page 82! It will exfoliate gently to remove the excess skin, and it will improve radiance, texture, sun spots, fine lines, and post-acne marks.

For decades, Avon has been fighting the most terrible enemy that attacks women: breast cancer. Avon has been working on education, prevention, treatment of breast cancer by selling products that can help in making Avon Foundation for Women. You can shop for the cause beginning on page 150-157

Autumn is surely very attractive season for stylish clothes, and Avon offers you new combinations on pages 158-165! If you style it with some jewelry it will all look even better! You can stand out and feel beautiful every day with new jewelry that will be noticed! 

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