Day 11: 5 Detox Foods For Glowing Skin

What you eat has a major effect on your body and skin. These five foods are great to detox the body and assist with glowing skin.

5 Detox Food For Glowing Skin | Get Your Glow On Challenge

Glowing skin is accomplished through a consistent skincare routine, great skincare products and what we include in our lifestyle. These five foods are great to detox the body to achieve glowing skin:

  1. Beet Root – rich in vitamins B3, B6, and beta-carotene that can protects that skin skin from signs of aging.
  2. Avocados – loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E, potassium, lecithin that nourish and moisturize the skin.
  3. Apples – antioxidant property that prevents cell and tissue damage. Know for elastin and collagen to help keep the skin young.
  4. Lemons – provide a dose of free radical fighting antioxidant vitamin C to help even skin tone.
  5. Ginger – helps reduce the appearance of swelling, puffiness, and redness on your skin.

Take the 30 Day “Get Your Glow On” Challenge and get a glowing face in 30 days.

Get Your Glow On | 30 Day Skin Care Challenge

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