Day 3: How To Exfoliate Properly

All skin types, exfoliation simply gives the face an instant glow, both by clearing away the dead skin cells that cause dullness and by allowing your other anti-aging products to penetrate the skin more effectively.

How To Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

What are the main benefits of exfoliating your face?

  1. Improves skin texture

2. Removes dry flaky skin

3. Prevents breakouts

4. Evens out skin tone

5. Smoother makeup application

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Which type of exfoliator is best to use?

There are two main types of exfoliants: physical exfoliants (like face scrubs and clay masks) and chemical exfoliants (like acid serums and peels).

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How often should you exfoliate your face?

 You should exfoliate your face one to three times a week based on your skin type. Limit exfoliating to two minutes or less.

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Take the 30 Day “Get Your Glow On” Challenge and get a glowing face in 30 days.

Get Your Glow On | 30 Day Skin Care Challenge

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