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Affirmation for Change | Affirm Your Day

Saying or writing an affirmation statement in the present tense makes it more powerful, a sort of trigger to your brain. They help you make mindset shifts. In today’s video we share an affirmation for change.

Affirm Your Day – I know I can incorporate life’s changes into my journey with confidence.

If a day does not go as planned, I restructure my timetable to fit in the change. I leave enough room in my schedule to make some unplanned stops along the way. Then I get back on track as son as I am able.

Today’s affirmation and self affirming exercise was from the book: It’s About Time – Daily Affirmations for Focus, Momentum, and Time Management, which is available on Amazon.

It’s About Time – Daily Affirmations for Focus, Momentum and Time Management

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