EP 3: Focus On Your Strengths

With so many different images and tasks thrown at us daily, confusion and procrastination can set in. Sometime it gets really tough to figure out what are we good at.

Listen in to learn how to focus on your strengths.

On today’s episode I want to challenge you to focus on your own strengths.

Every now and then we have a flashback moment to our youth. do you guys remember this song and clip from Sesame Street. There used to be a clip on Sesame Street that had four different people on the screen. They were either dancing, playing, jumping rope or playing a sport. They would play a song that went something like this: One of these guys are doing their own thing. Three of these guys are doing the same. And they used to play it over and over and we had to identify which one of the guys were doing his/her own thing and which ones were doing the same thing. That memory is what sparked today’s topic and challenge for today. How to focus on your strengths and why you should focus on your own strengths. I didn’t realize back then the subliminal message behind that clip. And what it was teaching us early on that it’s okay to be different it’s okay to focus on what you’re doing. And then there are times where we need to come together to collaborate and we would want to be cohesive in doing the same thing.

I want you to be able to focus on your own strengths and I know sometimes it can be difficult trying to identify what your strengths are. Because we have so many different images that’s being bombarded and thrown at us daily. We get confused, right? So it gets really tough to figure out what are we good at? What are some of your strengths, what are some areas that I can begin to focus on so I’m going to share with you guys three questions that you can ask yourself so you can be able to walk through the challenge of the day.

There are three questions that you can ask yourself today, when you’re trying to figure out your strengths.

1. The first question you ask yourself is what are the things that people are generally praising me for?

If you want to expound on that question, you can also write out, What is it that people always come to me for? What are they asking me about daily, weekly, or monthly?  This question will help you identify some of the areas that you might be stronger in.

That’s the first question that you want to ask yourself. What are the things people are generally praising me for?

Here’s the second question that you can ask or begin to ask yourself when you are trying to identify some of your own strengths.

2. What areas in my life am I most passionate about?

We all have something that we really crave. Not when we’re trying to be in somebody else’s lane and then we realize we really don’t enjoy that and that it makes us uncomfortable, but there’s generally an area that you love that you’re more passionate about. That can be the area that can help you identify some of your own strengths. You want to be the most productive you. You want to find and be able to live out some of your dreams and desires and goals. Take a moment today and try and figure out what are some areas and there might be multiple areas that you’re driven by passion.

Decide what you are most passionate about and write them down, it will make it easier to focus on one particular strength that you want to consistently build.

The third and final question that you can ask yourself,

3. What things do I really feel confident in doing?

There was a time I wasn’t confident in getting behind the camera or by speaking to others publicly, but by doing these things, I realized I love the interaction. It gives me a sense of energy. It gives me an opportunity to connect with so many people across the globe. The internet and apps allow us to connect with individuals with the same interests. These tools have helped build my confidence. I know there’s some areas that you feel competent and in . Those areas may be the identifier to what your strengths are.

My challenge for you today is to list out those strengths. I want you to list out your skills and accomplishments. Things that you are truly grateful for. When you focus on the things that you’re grateful and thankful for and the things that people are praising you for, you become confident in doing things that you’re passionate about. You begin to recognize your own strengths. It makes it easy for you to realign yourself and begin to focus again. And then you can use that as a daily motivator.

Once you have identified your strengths, I want to know some of your strengths I want to know some of your skills, some of the things that you’re confident in, some of those things that people are consistently praising you about so leave me a comment.

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