EP 5: Self Love Is A Key To Success

Do you actively engage in self-care or have you been thinking about making self-care a priority in your life?

With the love month approaching, and many of you are thinking about showering the people in your life with gifts, treats and appreciation, don’t forget to add yourself to the list.

In this episode I want to share with you guys five ways on how self-love can help you become more successful.

Self-Love Is A Key To Success

I love spending time alone especially with a husband, four kids, and a granddaughter, I believe each person should dedicate time to self-love. Sometimes self-love may seem like a buzz word that’s thrown around a lot. However, some people don’t know how to begin to build self-love and what the benefits of self-love are.

Self-Love Helps You Get Past Bitter Experiences

My first tip for you when it comes to having self-love help you become more successful is what it does for you. It helps you get past bitter experiences. Most of us at some point in our life, we’re going to run into a relationship whether it’s personal or professional, where we feel like we’ve been in a position where we’ve been betrayed. Someone has lost our trust; they have broken agreements. They have broken commitments, and it leaves us leery. We’re not for sure how we should approach them how we should handle it going forward. Those instances and memories may leave us with feelings of doubt or maybe have us second guessing our judgments especially when it comes to building new personal and business relationships. So it starts to talk at us because of someone else’s dishonesty in somebody else’s lack of trust you guys. Self-love helps you get past the bitter experiences because once you start to evaluate and realize it really wasn’t you it was the other individual and that should not be a reason why you can’t grow and harness better relationships going forward.

If you can get past one experience you realize that that relationship, or that person’s lack of honesty is not going to hinder how you feel about yourself but also it’s not going to stop you from branching out and building other relationships.

Self-Love Helps You To Stop Playing The Victim

Number two tip way self-love can help you on your road to success. It helps you to stop playing the victim. What do I mean by that? A lot of times as we experience bad relationships, we start to continually talk about that experience. We keep talking about the fact that we were betrayed, we bring it up to our friends. We bring it up to our family, sometimes it bleeds into our client relationships. Sometimes it bleeds into the conversations we have with coworkers. We keep reliving that experience and ultimately playing the victim role. You’ve got to stop doing that and realize, okay, this was something that happened. I can move past that. I can have a little self-compassion, but I can let it go, if it’s possible to fix things that went wrong, but I don’t have to keep reliving it and letting those around me relive that experience over and over. Every time we bring it up, we start attacking ourselves our self-esteem goes drops a level, and we fall into this pity party role. We want the sympathy from others but in fact what you’re doing is pushing others away and welcoming low self-esteem. When you stop playing the victim role you’ll find yourself being more successful. You’re going to be open to new relationships, new opportunities, new experiences, because you realize that was just one hiccup along the journey. Remind yourself you can move past that and I’m greater than that. I’m worth more and I don’t have to keep reliving this experience.

Self-Love Helps You Practice A Positive Outlook

Let’s talk about tip number three on how self-love can help you become more successful. It helps you start to practice a more positive outlook. You realize your worth, you realize your purpose, you start to focus on other things. You stop seeking revenge and you start fostering new bonds and new relationships. When self-value and worth is discovered, you’re no longer seeking out to do the same activity that others did to you. You’re now starting to feed your mind with different things.

Self-Love Helps You Have A Better Social Life

Number four tip for you today. You begin to have a better social life. Because you’re no longer playing the revenge game and you have begun to create new bonds, people realize the changes. They remember when they used to talk about a specific incident repeatedly. They’re no longer talking about it. They’re calling you now to be a part of the events. They’re calling you to show up for different opportunities. They realize that you have a different outlook. You’re very optimistic, you know that you can move past all those events and occurrences in your life. You’ve healed from it. You start working that inner self-love machine. Options and opportunities are now open to you. It’s possible for you to seek out a new career or start a business. People want to be around individuals that make them feel good. Especially those that make them smile and always bring positive energy. It’s always a great feeling.

Self-Love Helps You Focus On The Right Opportunities

My fifth and final tip on how self-love helps you become more successful. It helps you focus on the right opportunities. We are more comfortable doing things we like to do and those things that fires us up. It so much easier to stay motivated and consistent for the next goal when we reach one. Self-Love drives our passion to focus on opportunities because they make the best use of your unique qualities.

To really grow and be there for the people in our lives, its important to be in a healthy emotional space. I’d love to know which of these tips resonated with you the most and how you incorporate self-love in your life. Be sure to like, share and subscribe. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube at Sabriyah Callis. Find more information about Business, Beauty and Books at www.bricallis.com

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