5 Serums To Add To Your Skin Care Routine

Do you want to incorporate a face serum into your skincare routine but are unsure of how which one to choose? Let’s walk through five different types of serums and how they can benefit you.

5 Different Types of Face Serums

Anti-Aging Serums – These serums can help prevent or lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These usually contain active ingredients such as retinol (vitamin A) and niacinamide (vitamin B3).

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Brightening Serums – These serums are designed to target hyperpigmentation and reduce discoloration. These serums often contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C), an antioxidant that inhibits the enzyme responsible for melanin production.

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Hydrating Serums – Hydrating serums provide an extra boost of moisture for your skin. They’re used in conjunction with regular moisturizers. Hyaluronic acid is the most common ingredient found in hydrating serums.

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Exfoliating Serums – To prevent your skin from falling victim to dullness and breakouts. Exfoliation comes in two forms: physical and chemical. A physical exfoliant is a grainy scrub that can be used to manually remove dead skin cells. A chemical exfoliant is a less abrasive alternative that is typically produced in serum form.

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Firming Serums – Firming serums target sagging skin. A decrease in collagen, elastin, and ceramide (moisture) production in your more mature years is often the cause behind loose, coarse skin. Thus, incorporate a serum that is formulated with ingredients that will promote collagen production.

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