Grow Your Mind | Me versus Me

In order for us to break through so many boundaries. We have to start with self. There’s a quote by Zig Ziglar that states “You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.” You can build and serve your community in the capacity that you desire, once you believe you can.  In today’s video we discuss how to grow your mind by focusing on you.

Grow Your Mind | Me versus Me

I love to start my day with affirmations. It mentally sets my day into action. If I had a roadblock the day before I can get over that stumbling block and move forward by setting my thoughts on good things.

It’s so easy to get into the comparison phase on what others are doing to become successful. This time and season is about Me versus me. The year has started and I know you may have set some goals, hopefully you wrote them down, if not, it may have been a thought to do things differently going forward.

Our goals have nothing to do with the way we feel. Our goals do relate to how we think so every boundary every obstacle that we see are sometimes made up in our minds. We automatically assume the worst and it starts with a mental shift. There’s a lot of discussion about Passion and Purpose. I ask the Holy Spirit daily to help direct me to the Purpose that is willed for my life. If we are unclear or if there are mental boundaries inhibiting us from the purpose of our lives we can ask for direction.

You have to start doing the things that’s going to help you get to that end goal. Ask yourself the hard questions:

Have I made the decision that I’m going to get through this regardless of what comes in?

Am I going to be able to build the relationships that I need to get to the end goal?

Have I built the confidence to withstand rejection?

Confidence is the foundation to everything. It is the foundation of success. It is the foundation of leadership. It is the foundation of all and it begins with self-belief. It begins with self-love. It begins with self-affirmation.

I know a lot of times we talk in business, about branding, marketing, knowing your audience, creating your tribe and all that but if you have not made the decision to do that mentally. What good is it to move forward in the building process. Social media sometimes creates an illusion. We see things through a 3’” by 3” photo and believe everyone is living their best life and leaving you behind. Then came the plot twist of live streaming. You guys get to see the blunders,  you get to see when we fumble over words, you get to see us when our hair is not intact. When our clothes may be lopsided. Authenticity entered the marketplace.

As a broadcaster, vlogger, public persona we receive affirmation through the subscriptions and the followers and sometimes external affirmation is needed to know if we are serving others in the capacity that we desire.

There’s always going to be a hater in the camp,  Are you confidently saying okay no matter what anyone might say I’m building me? I’m protecting me? They say that only 20% of the things that we think about actually come true. The other 80% of our thoughts never come through. They are just negative drivers and distractors from meeting our end goal. Stop spending so much time and energy on things that will never come into fruition. Continue to feed your mind throughout the day. Yes, an affirmation might begin the day but what other new habits will you put into action.

You may begin to inspire yourself through music? Maybe its through books, Audiobooks , podcasts, or a training you purchased?

What are those things that you’re putting in place to help build your confidence and transform your mindset? I had a coach that said we have 24 coins in a day, how will you utilize and how are you spending those coins?

You can build and serve your community in the capacity that you desire, once you believe you can.  

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