Supporting Survivors: A Guide to Helping Women Who Have Experienced Violence

Violence against women in politics and in church is a serious and pervasive problem around the world. Women who enter politics face a range of threats, including physical violence, sexual harassment, and online abuse. These attacks are often aimed at undermining their credibility and intimidating them into silence or withdrawal from public life.

Violence against women in politics is a significant issue that can take many forms.

Here are some examples:

Harassment against women in politics can include verbal abuse, threats, and intimidation. This can be particularly common on social media platforms.

Physical Violence is not uncommon against women in politics. They may be subjected to physical violence, such as assault or sexual assault, especially when they are campaigning in public spaces.

Discrimination against their gender, which can include being excluded from certain opportunities or not being taken seriously.

Stereotyping based on their gender, with assumptions made about their abilities and qualifications.

Bullying by their colleagues or opponents, which can include ostracism, belittling, and spreading rumors.

Threats to Family and Friends: Women in politics may be subjected to threats against their family and friends, as a way to intimidate or silence them.

Under-Representation may lead to a lack of diverse perspectives and policies that address the needs of all members of society.

The impact of violence against women in politics can be significant, both on the individual and on society as a whole. It can discourage women from pursuing careers in politics, and it can limit the diversity of perspectives and ideas in decision-making processes. It’s important for governments and political institutions to take steps to address violence against women in politics and to create a safe and inclusive environment for women to participate in political life.

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