The Gratitude Attitude Virtual Book Launch

During this amazing launch, Sabriyah will be sharing the insights to her new book, The Gratitude Attitude! The launch will be filled with many key moments, such as a Q&A, a special guest, and even a giveaway!

The Gratitude Attitude – Virtual Book Launch

Time & Location

Wednesday, April 12

7 pm CST / 8 pm EST

Online Live – Facebook & YouTube

The Gratitude Attitude is available for purchase in paperback –

About The Book

Gratitude is not just a passing feeling of thankfulness; it is a way of life that involves cultivating a deep sense of appreciation and thankfulness for all that we have. When we adopt and attitude of gratitude, we learn to recognize the good things in our lives, even in difficult times, and to express our appreciation for them. The Gratitude Attitude Book offers different ways to transform your life with one thank you at a time including:

  • Starting A Gratitude Journal
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Daily Habits

The Gratitude Attitude teaches you what you need to overcome challenges –  as well as spark inspiration and joy in your life.

About Sabriyah Callis

Sabriyah Callis, known as the Productivity Strategist and Coach to many, is the CEO of Safety Kinetics Consulting Construction in Houston, TX. She is the creator of the blog Bri Callis, Business, Beauty and Books podcast and an expert on how families can live a more meaningful life.

In her own unique and nonjudgmental way, she has been helping busy people create environments that inspire, sustain and nurture them. Cutting through the clutter, gaining clarity and creating a life of balance so you may live a life you enjoy and reach your goals with a clearer head is her top mission. Her approach is both easy and motivating, she is a natural and her passion to see others win shines through.

Sabriyah promises not to try to reinvent you; instead, she helps you find your style work with it. Her goal is to share real ideas that really work.

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